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ANA AZUR Designs

Every woman would agree that fabulous parties and soirees are best enjoyed in a glamourous dress that makes everyone’s head turn. Ana Azur specializes in the finest quality crystal embroidered designs that embrace the feminine silhouette. The brand is exclusively for women and is designed to capture elegance, glamour and sophistication, all while bringing radiant beauty.



Crystal embellished designs are the specialty of Ana Azur whether it be on dresses, coats or swimwear. We take great care to ensure that each individual crystal is independently sewn on and firmly fixed to stay in place for a highest quality result. There is an exceptional savior-faire and detailed craftsmanship that goes into the individual fixation of each crystal and thereby creating gracefully placed crystal jewelry décor for each design.


We wish for you to enjoy and embrace the glamour, sophistication and elegance that shines in the Ana Azur designs.



Oksana Mazourik
Designer and Founder, ANA AZUR

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